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New Trailer, Poster and Clips for Musical Romance ODE TO PASSION

ode to passion
The all-singing drama comes to Amazon Prime Video in July.

No city is so associated with the musical as New York. With Spielberg's take on West Side Story and a screen adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda's In the Heights on the way, it looks like we're in for a revival of interest in Big Apple set musicals.

First out the gate though is producer/writer/director/composer Jack Danini's Ode to Passion. Boasting no less than 18 musical numbers, Danini's film tells the story of two young lovers completely through song and verse. The cast is led by Broadway stars Giuseppe Bausilio and Julia Nightingale, and also features Jeff Smith, Victoria Meade, Marcus Harmon, Kaylor Otwell and Al Pagano.

Danini describes his film as "a story about the romantic in all of us. Whether you’ve felt that burning, passionate need to find true love. If you’ve aspired to do something great despite the odds of success working against you. And of course, it’s for anyone who’s gone through these struggles in a city as turbulent, yet inspiring and magical as New York."

Ode to Passion is on Amazon Prime Video from July 10th.

Check out the trailer, poster and two clips below.

ode to passion poster