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YOU DON’T NOMI Celebrates the Cult of SHOWGIRLS - New Trailer

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A new documentary celebrates one of Hollywood's most derided productions.

On its release in 1995, Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls was met with a barrage of disdain from critics, while cinemagoers gave it a wide berth, making it one of the biggest critical and commercial flops of the decade. For what it's worth, I would have gladly dropped money on a ticket, but believe it or not, Showgirls was banned in Ireland, and so I had to settle for viewing it on a pirated VHS one of my film school lecturers had managed to get his hands on.

Showgirls collected a Razzie for the worst film of the 1990s, but history has proven kinder to Verhoeven's film, with Showgirls developing a rabid cult following in the years since, particularly in the queer community.

You Don't Nomi is a new documentary that examines the phenomenon of Showgirls and its cultural rehabilitation. It's on UK VOD June 12th.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

you don't nomi poster

The official synopsis reads:

In 1995 Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls was met by critics and audiences with near universal derision. With a host of compelling archive footage and new fascinating interviews, You Don’t Nomi explores the film's complicated afterlife, tracing an extraordinary redemptive journey from notorious flop to cult classic, and maybe even masterpiece.