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13 Directors Unite for Horror Anthology FOR WE ARE MANY [Trailer]

for we are many
A host of upcoming horror filmmakers contribute to the indie anthology.

In recent years a spate of horror anthologies have offered up and coming genre directors a chance to showcase their work through the format of a short as part of a wider portmanteau film. The latest addition to the bulging horror anthology ranks is For We Are Many, which features shorts from no less than 13 directors from around the globe.

Among the cast members are horror stalwarts Laurence R. Harvey, Eileen Dietz and Laurence Saunders.

For We Are Many is on US DVD and Digital May 29th and is available on iTunes UK now.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

for we are many poster

The official synopsis reads:

FOR WE ARE MANY is anthology collection of horror shorts by the top horror directors. Showcasing the work of upcoming genre directors from around the world, each horror short gives a fun, fresh and frightening take on a different demon, from Succubi and Wendigos to the Biblical and Lovecraftian, making this chilling collection a wild, fun-filled, terrifying ride through a diabolical and fantastical bestiary.