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Board? Check out the New OUIJAGEIST Trailer and Poster

Ouija boards and poltergeists - together at last!

Ouijageist seems like such an obvious title for a horror movie that it's incredible it's taken until now for a movie to adopt the moniker.

From director John R. Walker, Ouijageist sees a young mother unleash evil spirits when she finds a Ouijaboard buried in the back garden of her new home.

Lois Wilkinson, Lesley Scoble, Roger Shepherd, Gabriella Calderone, Nathan Head and Kristofer Dayne star.

Ouijageist was just released on US DVD and Digital, with a UK/ROI release yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

ouijageist poster

The official synopsis reads:

After renting a new apartment, a single mom finds a spirit board buried in the backyard, which conjures the spirits of a group of evil entities who haunt her and her family. A local priest is enlisted to help her put these souls to rest forever.