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Video Highlights the Problem With 2018’s HALLOWEEN

halloween 2018
A new video looks at the main issue Halloween fans had with the 2018 reboot.

When John Carpenter sat down to write a sequel to his 1978 masterpiece Halloween, he came up with the idea of the making the film's heroine, Jamie Lee Curtis's Laurie Strode, and its villain, Michael Myers, brother and sister. Carpenter has since practically disowned the resulting film, Halloween II, claiming the sibling subplot was a dumb idea. Thing is though, a generation of horror fans grew up accepting Laurie and Michael as siblings, and it's a connection that helped fuel the series' more successful sequels.

For the 2018 reboot, annoyingly simply titled Halloween, all of the sequels were discarded, meaning Michael and Laurie are no longer brother and sister in this new timeline.

The below video, from Geoffrey Ciani, looks at why this is problematic.