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Interview - CRYPSIS Director Paul Anthony Rogers

Writer/director Paul Anthony Rogers on his new horror movie.

A camping trip goes horribly wrong in writer/director Paul Anthony Rogers’ unnerving Crypsis, available On Demand and on DVD December 17th from Uncork’d Entertainment.

A group of friends make a bet to survive on an island. Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious old creature begins hunting them throughout the night. What began as an innocent bet quickly turns into a fight for survival. As night falls, this becomes a fight to the death that no one had anticipated.

Rogers co-stars alongside Michael Armata, Anthony Hoang, Jordan Mitchell-Love and Eddie Nason in a pulse-racing profusion of Stranger Things and Predator.

crypsis poster

You not only wrote and directed Crypsis, you have a role in the film. Was the idea from the outset to craft a vehicle for yourself to act in?

Initially, my career began in acting. I think that helped with seeing the perspective of the actors and what they need to have a great performance. On or off camera, both have their challenges.

Why do you think you were the best choice for Kyle?

Being the writer, it was easy to understand the direction of the character. I had a great rapport with the other actors as well. We have a great cohesive unit that collaborated together on the script.

And how did you find your co-stars?

I searched near and far across New England to find the right group of people for the film. I used all the casting resources I could. I found a great group that worked really hard on making their performances the best they could be. I’m very humbled by all their hard work and dedication.

The locations are as much a star as your fine ensemble. Tell us where you shot?

It was shot locally in Gloucester, Ma. It was great to work locally in Boston and support the local businesses.

And that creature – wow – did you toy with different designs for him? How did you end up on the scary fiend we see now?

The design took us several tries to pin down. We had to design something scary but practical. The effects team did an amazing job.

This is a tight, fun genre movie. Is it the film you wrote all those years ago?

I loved the idea of confining different characters with different skills in a stressful life or death situation. I think we’d all act differently if were put in a tough spot, and it’s the solutions they come up with that ultimately matter.

How do you think you’ve improved as a filmmaker since your very first short?

I’ve learned so much after this process it's crazy. The amount of work and depth it takes to make a film is pretty wild. I’m a completely different person personally and professionally since I’ve undertaken this film.

Horror seems to be a genre you gravitate towards. Why do you think that is?

It’s a genre that has such a built in audience. Horror fans appreciate all the different styles and perspectives that make up the genre. They are very passionate and very well adverse in film and what it takes to make a film great.