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Jeffrey Combs Stars In Horror Anthology HOLIDAY HELL [Trailer/Artwork]

holiday hell
First look at the festive horror anthology.

holiday hell poster

The horror anthology format goes festive with Holiday Hell, in which genre legend Jeffrey Combs plays the owner of a curiosity shop who weaves four tales of terror to an inquisitive customer.

The four segments are directed by Jeff Ferrell (Ghostlight), Jeremy Berg (The Invoking), Jeff Vigil and David Burns. The movie also stars Joel Murray, Jeff Bryan Davis, Lisa Coronado and Meagan Karimi-Naser.

Holiday Hell is on DVD/VOD November 5th.

Check out the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

On Christmas Eve, a woman enters a curiosity shop looking for a last-minute gift. There, she meets a mysterious shopkeeper who tells her the horrific stories behind four objects in the shop. As he weaves tales of killer dolls, witches and psycho Santas, the woman senses she might be in danger. She has until midnight to choose her gift, but will she choose wisely?