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Chinese Animated Blockbuster NE ZHA Comes To UK/ROI Cinemas [Trailer/Poster]

ne zha
The Chinese box office smash makes it way to our shores.

ne zha poster

Despite the gains made by Hollywood in attracting Chinese cinemagoers, domestic movies still dominate the Chinese box office. Take animated action movie Ne Zha, which has raked in more cash in China than Avengers: Endgame!

Ne Zha, which saw the collaboration of over 20 animation studios, is breaking records around the world, and now makes its way to UK/ROI cinemas. It's currently playing on IMAX 3D screens and will expand to regular cinemas September 6th.

The official synopsis reads:

Inspired by mythology and loosely adapted from a Chinese novel, heaven and earth has given birth to a powerful pearl possessing great energy. Yuanshi Tianzun (the Primeval Lord of Heaven) concocts two pills from the pearl – a spiritual pill (Ling Zhu) and a sorcery pill (Mo Wan) – and seals both of them in a sacred lotus. The spiritual pill will reincarnate as a man, who is destined to assist in the creation of the new Zhou dynasty; while a demon will be born from the sorcery pill, set to bring great destruction to the world. To prevent disaster, a spell is created which will strike the sorcery pill with thunder in three years. Will Nezha, a young boy born from the sorcery pill, live up to his evil fate, or can he forge his own path for good?