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New Trailer & Poster For Classic Film Doc CHURCHILL AND THE MOVIE MOGUL

winston churchill
A new doc examines Winston Churchill's relationship with the movie business.

Winston Churchill was obsessed with cinema throughout his life, and in 1934 he found himself part of the movie business when producer Alexander Korda signed up the future Prime Minister as a screenwriter and historical adviser.

A new documentary, Churchill and the Movie Mogul, explores the working relationship between the politician and the producer. The film utilises newly uncovered documents and features contributions from Stephen Fry, David Thomson, Lady Williams, Charles Drazin, Jonathan Rose, David Lough and Charles Barr.

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Churchill and the Movie Mogul will premiere on BBC Four at 9pm September 25th.

Speaking about his documentary, writer/director John Fleet said "I am thrilled that the film will air on the BBC. The parallels to today are incredibly poignant - the influence of the media, the rise of the far right and the seeming lack of internationalists in the Korda / Churchill mould. The film looks at Britain’s role on the world stage and its hard-won unity with America right at a time when isolationism is rearing its head again."

Check out the trailer below.