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'70s Thrillers AND SOON THE DARKNESS & FRIGHT Coming To Blu-Ray

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A pair of British thrillers are set to make their blu-ray debuts.

In the early '70s, as audiences grew tired of the gothic horrors that had proven so popular in the previous decades, British genre filmmakers turned their attentions to a new wave of gritty, reality based thrillers.

Two movies from that movement, Robert Fuest's And Soon the Darkness (1970) and Peter Collinson's Fright (1971) are set to make their blu-ray debuts on October 14th when they will be released in new restorations by Studiocanal, along with DVD editions.

And Soon the Darkness stars Pamela Franklin as a young English tourist who finds the locals far from helpful when her friend (Michele Dotrice) vanishes while cycling through a small village in rural France.

Bonus features include an interview with critic Kim Newman and two audio commentaries - one with director Fuest and writer Brian Clemens, the other with film historian Troy Howarth.

In Fright, a forerunner of the slasher genre that would emerge later in the decade, Susan George plays a babysitter menaced by an escaped lunatic.

Bonus features include interviews with George and Kim Newman, and a behind the scenes gallery.

Check out the artwork for both titles below.

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