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Elle Fanning Music Drama TEEN SPIRIT Drops New Trailer

teen spirit elle fanning
New trailer gives a further look at director Max Minghella's music drama.

teen spirit elle fanning poster

One of a rash of movies exploring the travails of female singers coming in 2019 (see also Her Smell, Wild Rose and Vox Lux), actor Max Minghella's directorial debut Teen Spirit stars Elle Fanning as an aspiring young singer and Rebecca Hall as her mentor.

Teen Spirit has a US release date for April but we're still awaiting news of a UK/ROI release.

Check out the latest trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Violet (Elle Fanning) is a shy teenager who dreams of escaping her small town and pursuing her passion to sing. With the help of an unlikely mentor, she enters a local singing competition that will test her integrity, talent and ambition. Driven by a pop-fueled soundtrack, “Teen Spirit” is a visceral and stylish spin on the Cinderella story.