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10 Movies You Must See In September

the predator olivia munn
Our guide to the tastiest movies hitting UK cinemas in September.

Words by Eric Hillis

This month brings us the chance to bid farewell to a pair of American screen legends, the latest entry in a long-running sci-fi franchise and some of the year's most acclaimed US indies.

Here are the 10 movies we're most excited to see in UK cinemas in September.

American Animals
american animals movie
Director Bart Layton spun a gripping and startling true crime story in his acclaimed 2012 documentary The Imposter. With American Animals, Layton blurs the line between narrative cinema and documentary to tell the tale of how four young men attempted to steal one of the world's rarest books from their university's library.

In cinemas September 7th.

puzzle movie
Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald gets a rare chance to shine in a lead role in this feel good remake of a 2010 Argentinian drama. Macdonald plays a neglected suburban housewife given a new lease of life when she joins a community of competitive jigsaw puzzle solvers.

In cinemas September 7th.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post
The Miseducation of Cameron Post
After taking a break from her acting career, Chloë Grace Moretz returns in the titular role of director Desiree Akhavan's adaptation of Emily M.Danforth's novel. In the 1990s set film, Moretz is a teen sent to a gay conversion centre by her Christian parents. Sasha Lane and John Gallagher Jr. also star.

In cinemas September 7th.

The Predator
the predator
Over the years we've seen several failed attempts to revive the Predator franchise. The task now lies to The Nice Guys writer/director Shane Black, reteaming with his The Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker, to resurrect the sci-fi series. This time we get a new breed of enhanced aliens battling a Dirty Dozen type mob of renegade soldiers.

In cinemas September 13th.

lucky harry dean stanton
Cinephiles can bid farewell to a true legend of American cinema when Harry Dean Stanton bows out with this intimate drama directed by actor John Carroll Lynch. Rather poignantly, Stanton plays a 90-year-old man forced to face his mortality. Look out for director David Lynch in a meaty acting role.

In cinemas September 14th.

Michael Inside
michael inside
From Ireland comes one of the best prison dramas of recent decades. Young actor Dafhyd Flynn delivers a breakout performance as a directionless youth who finds himself struggling to survive in a tough Dublin prison after being caught holding drugs for his neighbourhood dealer.

In cinemas September 14th.

The Rider
the rider movie
Another blurring of fiction and reality comes in Chloé Zhao's second feature, the heart-wrenching story of a young rodeo rider whose budding career is jeopardised by a head injury. Playing a fictionalised version of himself, amateur actor Brady Jandreau gives one the year's most sympathetic and unforgettable performances.

In cinemas September 14th.

climax movie
Love him or hate him, a new film by controversial Argentinian filmmaker Gaspar Noé (Irreversible; Enter the Void; Love) is always an event. His latest cinematic headtrip takes place over the course of a rehearsal by a dance group under the influence of LSD spiked punch. Is Noé a talented auteur or simply a shock merchant? Don't expect an easy answer to that question from this one.

In cinemas September 21st.

Never Here
never here movie
The late Harry Dean Stanton's most memorable screen moment came courtesy of an epic Paris, Texas monologue penned by another American screen great who recently departed - Sam Shepard, who bows out with a role in this thriller from writer/director Camille Thoman, another documentary filmmaker aking her fiction debut. Mireille Enos headlines as a voyeuristic photographer who begins to suspect someone is stalking her.

In cinemas September 21st.

Skate Kitchen
skate kitchen
In what seems to be September's theme, Crystal Moselle is another documentarian dipping her toes into the world of narrative film with Skate Kitchen. Like The Rider, Moselle's film features an amateur cast playing fictionalised versions of themselves; in this case, a group of young female skateboarders.

In cinemas September 28th.