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'70s British Horrors DEATH LINE & ASSAULT Coming To Blu-Ray In August

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Network Releasing are bringing two British horrors from the early '70s to blu-ray this month.

With the horrors of the real world increasingly outweighing those provided by Hammer's Gothic chillers and monster movies, the early '70s saw British horror turn towards a kitchen sink aesthetic, with a spate of grim thrillers set in bleak urban surrounds.

Two examples of the period are 1971's Assault and the following year's Death Line, both of which receive their UK blu-ray debuts on August 27th, courtesy of Network Releasing.

Death Line stars Donald Pleasence in a standout performance as a hard-drinking detective investigating the disappearance of underground commuters, who unbeknownst to him are falling victim to a tribe of cannibals. Christopher Lee pops up as a very British toff.

Special features include an interview with actor Hugh Armstrong; a collectable booklet written by Laura Mayne; and the original trailer. You can pre-order on Amazon here.

When a philandering politician goes missing on the Underground, the subsequent police investigation uncovers a terrifying secret kept hidden since the 1800s. Who – or what – is turning the Underground tunnels into a Death Line..?

Assault stars Frank Finlay as a cop chasing a rapist/murderer, with Suzy Kendall as the teacher who aids him in his efforts.

Special features include the original trailer; collectable booklet written by Laura Mayne and Adrian Smith; and an image gallery. You can pre-order on Amazon here.

When a schoolgirl rapist escalates to murder, Det. Chief Supt. Velyan (Finlay) faces an agonising choice when the girl's teacher – who saw the maniac in pursuit of his second victim – offers to put herself in harm's way in an effort to catch the killer.

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