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Did You Win Sci-Fi Adventure GENESIS On DVD?

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We've got a DVD of British sci-fi adventure Genesis to give away.

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Prepare yourself for stellar British sci-fi adventure Genesis, as Man battles Machine in a desperate future.

The year is 2069. Mankind has been devastated by a chemical Armageddon. Forced to live underground where the air is breathable, the civilians, led by the charismatic Paul Brooks (John Hannah) survive in dire conditions, starving and pushed into slave labour.

As the civilian unrest grows, the politicians and scientists, led by Dr. Eve Gabriel (Olivia Grant) dedicate all resources to the construction of ABEL, a humanoid life- form, and mankind’s last hope. When the powerful A.I. Machine learns its preprogrammed fate, it is up to Eve and Paul to stop the catastrophic consequences as humanity’s future lies in the balance.

Lionsgate UK presents Genesis on Digital Download 9th July and DVD 16th July. Amazon:

We've got a DVD of Genesis to give away to one lucky UK reader.

The winner is:

Alison Johnson, Warwickshire