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Isabelle Huppert & Hong Sangsoo Reteam For CLAIRE'S CAMERA [New UK Trailer]

claire's camera
The Korean auteur's latest screens in London in July.

Korean writer/director Hong Sangsoo is one of the most prolific filmamkers working today, but UK fans have struggled to see his films on the big screen, with 2013's Nobody's Daughter Haewon the last of his films to receive a full theatrical release.

His latest, Claire's Camera, which sees him reunite with star Isabelle Huppert after their 2012 collaboration In Another Country, will receive a one-off screening at London's Regent Street Cinema on July 23rd, courtesy of The London Korean Film Festival 2018 Teaser Screenings. You can book tickets here.

Check out the UK trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Acclaimed director Hong Sangsoo returns with another humour-inflected, conversation-led drama, this time moving from the bars of Seoul to the backstreets and beaches of Cannes Film Festival.

Claire’s Camera sees The Handmaiden star Kim Min-hee take the role of a film-sales assistant abruptly dismissed from her job, right in the middle of the festival. Having been given only the vaguest reason for dismissal by her boss - a supposed lack of ‘honesty’ - the young woman is left to ruminate on her situation within the film-focused atmosphere of the French town. Enter noted actress Isabelle Huppert (Elle), a holidaying music teacher with a wandering eye and an instant camera that will come to connect the dots between the wronged assistant, her former boss, and the film director at the heart of the friction.