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Eureka Unveil Trailer & Artwork For Jackie Chan POLICE STORY Box-Set

Two Hong Kong action classics comes to UK blu-ray for the first time in August.

Jackie Chan POLICE STORY eureka blu-ray

They don't make 'em like this anymore!

Back in '80s Hong Kong, lax safety standards allowed Jackie Chan and his team of stunt performers to put their lives on the line to deliver some of the craziest stunts and martial arts fights ever filmed.

Two of Chan's most iconic films of the era, Police Story and Police Story 2, come to UK blu-ray for the first time courtesy of Eureka Classics, with the release of a limited edition boxset (3000 copies) on August 20th. Both movies have undergone brand new 4K restorations.

Special features include the re-edited 'Police Force' version of the first movie, featuring its own electronic score by Kevin Bassinson; deleted and alternate scenes; and a documentary on Chan's early career.

You can check out Eureka's new trailer for the release below and pre-order the set on Amazon:

Police Story – considered by Jackie Chan himself to be his best film in terms of pure action, Police Story stars Chan as “super cop” Chan Ka-Kui, who goes up against a notorious crime lord in a series of escalating set-pieces that resulted in many of Jackie’s stunt team being hospitalised.

Police Story 2 – Demoted to traffic cop after the events of the first film, Chan Ka-Kui is reinstated to the detective unit when a deadly gang of explosive experts blow up a building and threaten to blow up more if their demands are not met. Featuring yet more bravura stunt work, and even more injuries to its cast and crew, Police Story 2 is to this day considered one of the best action films ever made.