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Short GARGOYLES Fan Film Pays Tribute To The '90s Disney Series

gargoyles fan film
Watch a new live-action tribute to the cult '90s show.

The animated Disney series Gargoyles ran from 1994-97 and followed the explots of a clan of ancient creatures who protect New York City.

Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer is a huge fan of the show and hopes Disney will grant him permission to make a live-action feature length fan film based on their property.

As a pitch to Disney, Ferrer directed, edited, animated and scored a four minute Gargoyles fan film, featuring characters from the show, originally created by Greg Weisman. You can check it out below.

Ferrer states: "I need as many views as possible to convince producers and execs that my vision of a live action Gargoyles film will work for audiences and fans. It’s a rich story with a great message - a fantasy set in the real world and with today’s technology it could be fantastic. I grew up with this so I feel like I really know what has to be done. So it’s really about getting as much exposure as possible with the fans and others who may not know about the show."

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