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First Trailer & Artwork For Supernatural Shocker THE SITTER

the sitter horror film
A house-sitter is menaced in the first trailer for supernatural thriller The Sitter.

the sitter horror film poster

Aisling Knight stars as the titular house-sitter in director Simon Richardson's debut feature The Sitter, in which her character is menaced by a presence while looking after the home of an eccentric couple. The movie purports to have been shot in a real life haunted house in rural England.

Richard Kilgour, Jill Buchanan, Samantha Schnitzler and Bjorn Franklin also star.

Wild Eye Releasing have picked up The Sitter and will release the film in June.

The official synopsis reads:

This Summer, Aisling Knight is hired for a job to die for.

Shot in a real haunted house in Oxfordshire, Simon Richardson’s blood-curdling spite spookfest The Sitter tells of Charlotte (Knight), a broke college student who gets a gig to house sit for an eccentric couple for a long weekend. She couldn't believe how lucky she is. When darkness falls, things start to take a far more sinister turn. Charlotte is unable to shake the feeling that her every move is being watched and it is not long before her worst fears are confirmed -- there is something else in the house with her...