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A Host Of Horror Gems In Arrow Video's December Lineup

Xmas comes early as Arrow Video unveil their December lineup.

Arrow Video have announced a decidedly unseasonal December lineup filled with horror, including a Stephen King classic, a cult franchise and some obscurities making their hi-def bows.

the witch who came from the sea arrow video
First up on December 5th is director Matt Cimber's arthouse horror curio The Witch Who Came From the Sea. Notorious for its inclusion on the UK's Video Nasty list, it's the disturbing tale of a waitress who seduces unsuspecting men before indulging in increasingly gruesome forms of lovemaking. The film boasts a script by Robert Thom (Death Race 2000) and cinematography by Dean Cundey (Halloween).

Special features include a commentary with producer-director Cimber, actress Millie Perkins and director of photography Cundey; a new making-of documentary featuring interviews with Cimber, Perkins, Cundey and actor John Goff; and an archive featurette comprising interviews with Cimber, Perkins and Cundey.

malatesta's carnival of blood arrow video
December 5th also sees the release of Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood, a long forgotten 1973 oddity. Director Christopher Speeth's shocker concerns a family who arrive at a fairground searching for their missing son, only to find themselves stalked by a gang of murderous cannibals.

Special features include a feature commentary by film historian Richard Harland Smith; an interview with director Speeth; and a discussion with art directors Richard Stange and Alan Johnson.

the premonition arrow video
Another obscurity arriving on the 5th is director Robert Allen Schnitzer's The Premonition. This 1976 thriller stars Sharon Farrell as a mother who experience disturbing visions of a strange woman attempting to kidnap her daughter.

Special features include a commentary with producer-director Schnitzer; a new making-of documentary; and archive interviews with Schnitzer and star Richard Lynch.

house arrow video
December 11th sees the release of not one, but all four instalments in the House series. The first stars William Katt as a writer who inherits a house with more than a few secrets, and the three sequels similarly follow the exploits of unfortunate homeowners.

Special features include brand new making of documentaries; interviews with casts and crews; and feature commentaries.

carrie arrow video

With the current craze for all things Stephen King, December 11th sees a timely release of Brian De Palma's adaptation of King's debut novel, Carrie. Restored in 4K from the original negative, this new collector’s edition promises to be a visual treat.

Special features include a commentary by authors Lee Gambin and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas; an interview with composer Pino Donaggio; and a locations featurette.