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Korean Thriller BLUEBEARD Gets UK Trailer

The Korean thriller will receive its UK premiere next month.

South Korea has been leading the way in psychological thrillers lately, and the latest, director Lee Soo-yeon's Bluebeard, will receive a UK screening Monday July 10th at London's Regent Street Cinema courtesy of the London Korean Film Festival. Tickets can be booked at

The official synopsis reads:

In a town with a history of unsolved murders, neurotic doctor Seung-hoon (Cho Jin-woong, The Handmaiden) is given cause to believe the residents of the butcher shop he lives above are processing more than just meat after spotting a bloody bag and overhearing a half-mumbled confession. Could the creepy butchers possibly be a pair of serial killers or is the doctor losing his mind? In psychological thriller Bluebeard, director Lee Soo-yeon (The Uninvited) lays a trail of gruesome hints to keep the truth just out of reach of her paranoid protagonist.