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The Reasons Why Women Love Romantic Movies

Ever since the introduction of cinema, romantic movies have always been well received by movie goers, and the majority of those movie goers have been, and still are, women. These days, whenever a new romantic comedy is released by either independent filmmakers who have worked with companies like Need a Fixer, for example, or movies released by major movie studios, these movies are the perfect excuse for women to have a women’s night in or a girls’ night with friends.

It is no surprise that men, and a small number of women, have often wondered what it is about these types of movies that continue to attract generations of women. Well, there are several reasons why women are in love with romantic movies.

Women Prefer to Watch a Romantic Movie Than Read a Romantic Book

Well, this one may not be true for every woman, but with increasingly hectic schedules, most women find that they do not have the time to sit down and read a book. With many romance novels being made into box office hits, it is much easier for women to simply wait for these movies to be released.

Watching movies is often much more entertaining than reading novels, and they are just as emotionally spurring.

Women Like to Stay in Touch with Their Emotions

It is well known that women are the more emotional sex. They do not mind showing their emotions and they do not mind having someone or something draw their emotions out of them. For many women, it is can renew their senses to simply have a good laugh or to let the tears fall down their face during a romantic drama or comedy.

Many can relate to the ebb and flow that characters go through during the movies as they look for love, fall in love and fall out of love.

Women Can Relate to the Plot

Yes, there are some romantic movies that are just cheesy and sappy. Although women do like these movies, most women prefer to watch romantic movies that are more realistic. These are the ones that they can relate to.

Generally, plots that revolve around a lost love or first love can ignite different emotions in women. These movies can also bring up memories from their personal love lives. However, women usually appreciate the way that this genre of movies make them feel, and they can relish in these memories while watching the movie.

Women Want to Participate in the Plot and Become the Characters

Not only can women relate to these types of movies, some women want to live vicariously through the characters. Why is this so? It has to do with the fantasy. The typical happy ending where the main couple falls in love and gets married is the ending that almost every woman strives to have for their own personal love life.

Romantic movies can also provide a woman with a great escape from reality and real relationships for one or two hours.

So, women and romantic movies go hand in hand. The reasons why these movies appeal for each woman varies, but it is a genre with mass appeal and it does not appear to be on the decline any time soon.