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Quidditch To Pod-Racing: Infographic Spotlights Fictional Sports In Real Life

A new infographic looks at fictional sports now played in real life.

A new infographic from finds the games and sports from fiction that hardcore fans have brought to the real world (with varying levels of accuracy).

Ever wanted to catch the snitch and win the Quidditch Cup? Thought you could win the Boonta Eve Classic in your homemade podracer? How about beating the MCP with your Light Cycle skills?

Each of these – from Harry Potter, Star Wars and Tron respectively – are sports that have been taken from fiction to the field by fans who just weren’t satisfied just imagining being the sports stars, as the new graphic from shows.

While players might struggle to fly (or hover, or avoid blowing up on hitting a wall made of light left behind by a motorcycle), players have come up with some workarounds:

Quidditch players stay firmly on the ground, but they hang onto their broomsticks between their legs. The snitch is attached to an impartial official.

Pod-racing is impractical no matter how you pitch it, but drone racing is increasing in popularity, with an entire league dedicated to it. And it’s a little less dangerous.

Light Cycles are a video game (the easiest way to transpose a fictional sport) but real life replicas have been made of the cycles featured in the 2010 Disney reboot.

The classic video game Pong has been taken out of the screen and featured in a variety of different styles, including having people dressing up as paddles and running backwards and forwards to deflect the ball.

The sports span a wide variety of different origins. Other big fan-bases include Battlestar Galactica, which produced the basketball-esque team sport Pyramid (also called Triad), Star Trek (from which we get Tridimensional Chess), and New Girl (which gave the world the drinking game “True American”, which is “50% drinking game, 50% life-size Candy Land”).