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What's Online Gambling Like in Australia?

As seen from the established tendency, nearly 80% of Australian people refer to gambling at least once a year. With the introduction of online casinos such as and other betting sites, this number has started to grow exponentially, having shown some impressive figures over just a couple of years. According to the researches held by reputable sources like “The Economist”, adults in Australia gamble even more often compared to any other country in the world. Naturally, lots of the top gambling sites couldn’t neglect such a remarkable fact and turned their raised attention towards the Australian market thus, supporting its status of “The Lucky Country”.

‘Pokies’ and online poker as the bedrock of Australian gambling

Poker machines or ‘pokies’ as Australians like to call them have nearly turned to be the landmark of an entire Australian gambling ever since their introduction in the early 70s. Back in 1973, the first legal casino was opened and its featured poker machines immediately draw a large number of gamblers. Their popularity has spread country-wide quite fast and today one may often hear Australians call slot machines and online slots ‘pokies’ as well. Say, if you’ve been looking for some of the best AU pokies, check this.

Considering the fact residents of the continent express such a huge interest in poker, no wonder, poker sites are some of the most visited among Australian gamblers. Even though Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 prohibits the home-based companies from providing gambling services on the country's territory, there are no restrictions to refer to overseas sites. With this as the concept, online poker and online blackjack have been pushed forward as the most preferred sorts of online entertainment.

The most popular betting markets

As to betting markets, one may find quite a number of events and places to bet in “The Lucky Country”. The sports betting and lotteries are absolutely legal here and a major part of Australians regularly refers to those. You may choose among the number of bookmakers’ sites, including the world-recognized ones.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports, which has some 60% of the residents involved in betting. The others are rugby, Australian rules football, horse racing, football and F1. Australian F1 grand Prix is always a big annual event yet, it’s not as fan-favorite as Australian rules football. AFL enjoys the nation-scale popularity and even pushes the cricket aside in southern states. All the major matches usually gather a lot of bettors and make the bookies simply overwhelmed with wagers.

From what we’ve known so far, it’s clear that gambling is the sphere that plays a relevant part in the life of nearly every Australian. The mass popularity of sports betting and poker sites force national government to thoroughly focus on legislation changes regarding this trend. However, this is still in progress. And the fact foreign websites are not affected by the country laws makes Australians happily enjoy their being.