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Watch Scream Queen Jessica Cameron & Director Todd Nunes Count Down Their Top 10 Xmas Slashers

To celebrate the release of their very own Xmas slasher All Through the House, Nunes and Cameron have shared this video countdown.

Sharpen your reindeer antlers and get ready for a very scary Christmas. A new video short with Scream Queen Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare) and writer/director Todd Nunes (All Through the House) showcases the duo’s favorite Christmas slasher films, with Nunes’ All Through the House sitting on the sidelines (due to obvious bias). The video Top-10 list coincides with the VOD and DVD/Blu-ray release of All Through the House, featuring Jessica Cameron and starring Ashley Mary Nunes.

Join Jessica Cameron and Todd Nunes’ as they sit in front of a roaring fireplace and exchange playful banter about holiday horror movies. Count down their top ten Christmas slasher favorites including: Jack Frost (1998), Silent Night Deadly Night (1984), and Black Christmas (1974).

“The holiday horror sub- genre is near and dear to my heart. What's scarier then your worst nightmare unfolding during the happiest time of the year?” says Scream Queen Jessica Cameron. “Our Top 10 list includes some of my favorite films, minus my role in All Through the House, since that obviously my #1 Santa slasher. Watch it with your horror loving friends and family and I'm certain it will make your Top 10 list too!"

"There has been a recent boom in holiday horror movies,” says writer/director Todd Nunes. “I'm excited that All Through the House is part of the new generation of Christmas slasher films. This Top 10 list celebrates the bloody movies that have inspired me as a filmmaker and paved the way for today's yuletide slashers."

ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE Synopsis: Fifteen years ago, a peaceful Christmas neighborhood was engulfed by fear when five-year-old Jamie Garrett was mysteriously taken from her bedroom, never to be seen again. Now on Christmas break, Rachel Kimmel comes home from college to find her neighborhood struck again by a reign of terror. A violent killer is hiding behind a grisly Santa mask, leaving a bloody trail of slaughtered women and castrated men on the steps of the Garrett house. Rachel finds herself in a horrifying nightmare as she discovers the twisted secret behind the mask.