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Poll Result: What Annoys You Most About The Oscars?

The results of our latest twitter poll are in.

It seems at this time of year, the announcement of the Academy Award nominations rubs movie lovers up the wrong way, for one reason or another. On our twitter page, we asked "What annoys you most about the Oscars?", with four possible answers - Bias against genres, Lack of diversity, Lack of world cinema and Predictability. Here's how you voted.

Lack of diversity (19%)
This is the Oscar issue getting all the headlines right now, but it was the least popular option among our readers, earning less than a fifth of the votes.

It's too predictable (22%)
Oscar shocks are all too rare, and this annoyed just over one in five of you.

Bias against genres (28%)
Comedy, horror and action movies are notoriously frowned upon by the Academy, and over a quarter of our voters were incensed by this bias.

Lack of world cinema (31%)
Every now and then a foreign language movie like Amour or La Vie En Rose will make its way into the main categories, but most years (this one included) it seems Academy voters just can't be bothered with subtitles. Almost a third of you expressed your irritation at Oscar's insularity.

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