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Which major injustices at the Oscars have occurred in recent times?

Academy awards have an inherent property of being problematic and contentious.

Having a difference of opinion with Oscar voters is not at all something new. Just like most other forms of art, films are also totally subjective. Some people consider the Oscars a glorified contest for popularity. On the other hand, there are even some who consider it a quality marker. No matter what your opinion is regarding the actual ceremony, usually people have really divisive and strong views on the losers and winners.

Subjective criticism of the Oscars

Ever since its early days, one main criticism of the Oscars is that they tend to be very predictable. No matter how predictable they usually are, it would not be wrong the say that these awards have thrown in some genuine surprises and shocks over the years. Sometimes, it has been seen that the Academy Awards go against all reasons and logic by nominating or not awarding the right contender (by the way I don’t know if it’s possible to bet on Oscars winner, I need to ask the top5onlinecasino website owner). These nominations and results were considered a sure thing, but the Oscars surprised everyone.
It’s not at all surprising that over the years, there has been a lot of speculation and criticism regarding the injustices committed at the Oscars. Obviously at the end of the day, it is a very subjective matter and you can’t actually predict the exact way in which the Academy member is supposed to vote. Despite its subjective nature, there are certainly a few names that come to mind when it comes to the shocking Oscar injustices.

A Few Examples of Oscar Injustices

When you speak of the Oscar injustices, there are several incidents that would somewhat be a description of the term ‘injustice’. Since the matter itself is very subjective, it’s hard to come up with just a few nominations and awards that could be considered as undeserved. However, some recent events that need mentioning include Jean Dujardin being awarded for Best Actor in 2012 for his role in The Artist over Michael Fassbender for his brilliant enactment of a drug addict in Shame.

Crash chosen over Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture

Another example could be the Best Picture award in 2006, which was won by Crash and not Brokeback Mountain. When Crash was announced as the Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain, everyone was surprised. Brokeback Mountain winning the award was also anticipated because its director, Ang Lee, won the Best Director Award for the film. As a matter of fact, out of the 85 pictures that have gotten the Best Picture Award, 62 of them have also won the Best Director Award.

Julia Roberts winning the Best Actress award over Ellen Burstyn

Another widely debated Oscar injustice includes Ellen Burstyn not winning the award for Best Actress in 2001. There were a lot of criticisms that the actual winner, Julia Roberts, did not deserve it as much as Ellen Burstyn did. It was speculated that Burstyn did not get the award because she already had won it in 1975, while others said that actors who played real life people got an unfair advantage.