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Check out the new trailer and poster for DER BUNKER

Courtesy of Artsploitation Films, we've got the new trailer and poster for German oddity Der Bunker.

Artsploitation Films' release of the German oddity Der Bunker now has a new trailer and poster on the eve of its North American premiere at Fantastic Fest!

A student rents a windowless room in a bunker home nestled deep within a forest. Here, instead of finding tranquility for his studies, the young man becomes increasingly involved in the dramas of his landlord’s family. They include the stern father, his wife (whose swollen leg almost takes a life of its own) and their precocious 8-year-old son Klaus who, despite being German and “learning-challenged,” is being home groomed to become the President of the United States. Initially friendly and welcoming, the situation becomes increasingly bizarre. A funny, visually arresting and a bit unsettling modern fairy tale.

Fantastic Fest screening times are as follows: Friday, September 25, 1:50 PM + Monday, September 28, 5:00 PM.