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Mystery thriller SLO LIGHT releases 35mm teaser

The kickstarter campaign has launched for Slo Light, a mystery thriller featuring the music of Massive Attack's Neil Davidge.

In a hospital room Joseph, a good-looking affluent college graduate watches his mother slowly die. In the wake of his mother’s death Joseph leads an aimless debauched existence, anchored only by the support of his best friend Habibi, a more considerate counterpoint to his character. When Joseph meets the beautiful and mysterious Naoumie she seems nothing more than his latest sexual conquest but gradually she moves further into his closely guarded inner life.
In an abandoned country house Shannon revisits childhood memories of her and her younger sister Raye. When Shannon receives a phone call from Naoumie, it is revealed that the two women have a close bond. Shannon and Naoumie have been working together to confirm their suspicions regarding a video tape featuring  Raye and to find the man responsible for making it. When they realize that Joseph is the man responsible for the video Naoumie lures him to Shannon’s childhood home, the place where Raye took her life and the site where the two women will enact a terrible, final vengeance.

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