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TMW's 50 Best Movies of 2014

It's the end of another year and time for TMW's editor to pick his favourite movies of 2014.

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50. Ida
"A road movie with only one stop on its journey, Ida is one of the most visually impressive films of 2014."

49. Belle
"Belle is a fascinating period legal drama, with a cast of quality British thesps"

48. The Rocket
"a film with a lot of charm, set against one of the planet's most visually splendid backdrops."

47. The Expendables 3
"Like the best parties, you won't remember a thing about The Expendables 3 the following morning, but you'll be glad you were there."

46. Fury
"Ayer creates more tension in quiet moments of human interaction than any of the film's bombastic battlefield scenes."

45. Noah
"it's never dull, and how many recent big budget Hollywood movies can you say that about?"

44. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
"in the current climate of superheroes and giant robots, it's admirable that Hollywood is willing to give us a sci-fi movie with both heart and brains"

43. The Homesman
"Western fans will find The Homesman an intriguing addition to the genre"

42. The Golden Dream
"Quemada-Díaz gets us rooting for his teens as they chase their dream, even if we know it's ultimately not what they might have imagined for themselves."

41. The Rover
"A scathing attack on capitalism and materialism"

40. Welcome to New York
"Ferrara's film serves as a sad reminder of how few great roles are available for older actors outside of patronising "grey pound" fluff."

39. Black Sea
"an enjoyable, old school genre piece, elevated by a fantastically assembled cast of international character actors."

38. Maps to the Stars
"there's an undeniable pleasure in watching its cast essay such a rogues gallery with relish."

37. '71
"an unlikely genre offering, and possibly the scariest release we'll see this Halloween season."

36. Before the Winter Chill
"a melancholy marvel."

35. In Bloom
"captures a second world state in first rate style."

34. The Fault in Our Stars
"The Fault in our Stars is far from the cynical exercise in exploitation its marketing campaign might have you believe."

33. Blue Ruin
"Not since Hitchcock's Torn Curtain has murder looked so difficult and unglamorous."

32. Begin Again
"How much you appreciate music will likely be the deciding factor when it comes to your enjoyment of Begin Again, as it's a romantic drama whose protagonists are in love, not with each other, but with the music they make together."

31. Leviathan
"a far more honest and accurate portrayal of rural society than the bizarre and over the top representation of a similar Irish milieu in Calvary."

30. Stalingrad
"In a fight between these guys and the pretty boy surf dudes of Lone Survivor, my money's on this lot every day. "

29. Muppets Most Wanted
"If you're a cynic, or a film snob, Muppets Most Wanted may not be what you want, but if you try it sometime, you just might find, it's exactly what you need."

28. Maleficent
"On the surface, it seems like a cheap move for Disney to rehash one of their existing properties, but there's more going on under the surface of Maleficent than every other big Hollywood movie of the last year combined."

27. Godzilla
"No other blockbuster in recent memory contains the sort of spectacle Edwards creates and watching his film made me understand how audiences must have felt back in the 1950s, the heyday of monster movies."

26. Interstellar
"Interstellar outwardly concerns the biggest picture of all, but at its heart is a very intimate drama."

25. The Imitation Game
"plays like a Hammer Frankenstein movie, with Cumberbatch excelling as the Baron."

24. The Amazing Spider Man 2
"While Marvel have bored us by creating a Universe at the expense of a world, Marc Webb has created a superhero series set in a tangible world, with well rounded human characters and recognizable drama."

23. A Most Violent Year
"Chandor has already established himself as one of American cinema's most interesting voices. Commendably, it's a voice he never feels the need to raise."

22. Enemy
"one of the most atmospheric thrillers of recent years."

21. Gone Girl
"You wouldn't think it from the marketing, but Gone Girl is very much a black comedy, one of the year's funniest."

20. Mr Turner
"At 2.5 hours, a movie about a 19th century painter might sound like homework to many, but Leigh has made a biopic that's one of the most entertaining movies of the year."

19. Foxcatcher
"Foxcatcher is an old school character drama of the best kind."

18. Magic in the Moonlight
"When it comes to the magic of cinema, it seems Allen still has a few tricks up his sleeve."

17. Two Days One Night
"Cotillard's performance is a career best, and an example for future actors wishing to portray onscreen frailty."

16. Winter Sleep
"If you're willing to throw yourself into Ceylan's hands for the extended running time, you might emerge mentally drained, but you'll have spent the time in the company of some of 2014's most intriguing  and well drawn characters."

15. Grand Central
"Grand Central might initially leave you cold, but as your mind returns to it in the following days you'll find yourself as contaminated as its hapless protagonist."

14. Under the Skin
"Glazer reminds us that while humans can often be cruel and ugly, humanity is always beautiful."

13. Hide Your Smiling Faces
"At an economical 81 minutes, Carbone reminds us that the secret of cinema lies in moments, not minutes."

12. Edge of Tomorrow
"I haven't laughed so much at gruesome deaths since the early installments of the Final Destination series."

11. Ilo Ilo
"Firmly shaking off the stigma of genre cinema for international audiences, Asian drama seems to be in something of a golden age, and Chen is a name to watch."

10. Grand Budapest Hotel
"If you thought the 3D of Gravity was immersive, wait 'til you see the 2D of The Grand Budapest Hotel."

9. Starred Up
"If you've ever had a bizarre inkling for prison time, Starred Up will certainly change your mind."

8. Nymphomaniac
"Is this film just one big practical joke? Who cares? Cinema itself is one big trick, and Von Trier is one of its greatest tricksters."

7. 12 Years a Slave
"In the hands of many film-makers this would have been a crass affair with cartoon villains but McQueen is more interested in what Hannah Arendt called 'the banality of evil'. "

6. Nightcrawler
"As misanthropic as cinema gets, Nightcrawler will leave you craving a shower, but once you've dried off, you'll be drawn right back to it."

5. Inside Llewyn Davis
"Inside Llewyn Davis resembles nothing else in the Coens' ouevre and is their best film by a country mile, containing an emotional maturity to match their undoubted technical ability."

4. Human Capital
"Throwing a bunch of characters into a pot and slowly bringing them to the boil, Virzí has effortlessly crafted one of the key films of 2014."

3. Locke
"Locke is a film that immediately draws you into its intimate drama of high grade cement and rogue sperm, and holds you for the entire journey."

2. We Are the Best!
"Moodysson has given us arguably the most enjoyable movie ever made about childhood, and certainly the most honest."

1. The Guest
"This is a film that's unashamedly proud to be a genre movie, and so it should be, as it's the best thriller we've seen in a long, long time."