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Gallery - New book reveals the original costume designs of Star Wars

Who can forget the first time they saw Darth Vader with his black cape and mask? Or the white hard-body suits of the stormtroopers? Or Leia’s outfit as Jabba’s slave?

For the first time, the Lucasfilm Archives has granted fullaccess to the original costumes, to be revealed in never-before-seen detail.
Titan Books has released Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy, the first ever book on the original trilogy costumes. This beautiful tome offers an extremely rare and exciting opportunity to delve into the Lucasfilm vaults, revealing previously unseen sketches, stories and much more.
Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy combines all-new photography with original artwork, exclusive behind-the-scenes images, new research, and new interviews with the costume designers, stitchers and dressers. This intimate look features iconic costumes in amazing, never-before-seen detail, showcasing the expert craftsmanship that both new and long-time Star Wars fans will appreciate.
Below is a sample gallery of the revealing images contained in the book.