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The Five Best Movie Scores of 2013

TMW's editor picks his five favorite movie scores of the past year.

5. Man of Steel - Hans Zimmer
There was no way Hans Zimmer could compete with John Williams' iconic Superman score and thankfully he didn't attempt to, opting instead for a more subtle, yet ultimately rousing, approach. You'll forget the movie instantly but Zimmer's score will remain with you.

4. Maniac - Robin Coudert
The remake of William Lustig's notorious original may have failed to capture the spirit of eighties slashers but its creepy electronic score sure did.

3. Mud - David Wingo
Explosions in the Sky's David Wingo delivered a suitably rugged and sweat drenched score for one of the decade's finest films.

2. Nebraska - Mark Orton
Comedy scores rarely stand out but Mark Orton's compositions for Alexander Payne's movie beautifully evoke the film's MidWest setting.

1. Lore - Max Richter
I don't think there's anyone in the world of film scoring putting out work of the quality we've heard from Max Richter in recent years. His scores transcend film and Lore is no exception.

Eric Hillis