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Watch Now - Eddie, Alfie, Benny & Kermy

'Watch Now' is a new feature in which we bring you shorts, trailers and classics that have fallen into the public domain.

Muppets Most Wanted (Teaser trailer)
Disney dropped the first trailer for what has to be one of the most anticipated of next year's movies. This time, the gang are on a European tour when they become embroiled in a criminal plot.

Scarlet Street (1945)
This week's public domain offering is Fritz Lang's classic noir. Edward G Robinson is great as the schlub being played by Joan Bennett's femme fatale and her sleazy boyfriend, Dan Duryea.

Sherlock (Season 3 Teaser)
BBC released a very short teaser for the upcoming third season of their fabulous Holmes reboot.

Marty on Alfie
We'll leave you with this short clip of Scorsese discussing Hitchcock's editing technique.

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