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Top 5 'Gladiator' Moments

'Gladiator' remains a seminal classic of a film. Stellar performances from a very buff Russell Crowe (Maximus), an epically evil Joaquin Phoenix (Commodus) and of course acting royalty including the late Oliver Reed as well as the very much alive Derek Jacobi combined to create something moving, awe-inspiring and enthralling.
Director Ridley Scott created a viscerally involving masterpiece and we love it. Since 'Gladiator' made the Romans sexy and interesting again, we’ve had epics like '300' and the TV series 'Spartacus' to fulfill our lust for a good looking guy in a toga, but nothing has quite reached the heights of 'Gladiator' yet.

The film won  five Oscars that year, for Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing and Best Costume Design. Pretty impressive huh? Sadly there was no videogame tie-in with Ridley Scott’s 'Gladiator' - surprising when you think how much fun it would have been. There are other options to get your 'Gladiator' fix with online gladiator games and free gladiator slots or you could always just watch the movie again. To whet your gladiatorial appetite, we’ve come up with the top five moments of one of our all time favorite films.

The bit where Commodus and Maximus have a verbal fight
When Joaquin and Russell front up to each other in their penultimate confrontation, you can feel the jealousy and anguish pouring off the twisted Commodus when he fronts up to his father’s pride and joy. Even though he is the Emperor he can never get over that fact and so has to bring Maximus right down into the dirt. It’s intense and full of passion, much like the rest of the film.

The bit where Commodus says “AM I NOT MERCIFUL?”
One of the most chilling bits of Phoenix’s fabulous performance as the wily, weird and seriously screwed up Commodus. Screaming “am I not merciful?” into a woman’s tear stained face suggests that old Commodus wasn’t huge on self awareness.

The bit where Maximus fights Tigris of Gaul AND tigers
Look, we know it wouldn’t have happened like that. In real life Maximus would have lost against Tigris of Gaul, what with him being the undefeated champion and having a chariot that’s being pulled by four horses  - and he would most definitely have lost against the rabid, ferocious and very hungry lethal tigers. Still, this is Gladiator the motion picture, we’re not here for realism, we’re here for sweaty heroics, we’re here for Crowe as the glorious hero, we’re here for against the odds fighting. And that’s what we get!

The bit where Maximus yells “Are you not entertained?”
He’s been into the arena and he’s faced down the competition. He stands alone in among the cheering crowd who clearly expect him to be a bit thrilled. But he’s not. He’s very angry and wants to let them know that their taking entertainment in enforced slaughter isn’t in the best possible taste...

The bit where Maximus unveils himself
He throws down his helmet and shows who he is to the evil Emperor Commodus, and it’s one of the most stirring scenes in the whole film. He says: “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius... Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.” Epic!

Adela Johnson