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10 Funky Soundtracks Every DJ Should Own

When I'm not watching or writing about movies, I can be found spinning the decks in a local Dublin bar. Sometimes I get to combine my twin loves thanks to these funky ass soundtracks.

Shaft (1971)

The most famous blaxploitation soundtrack of them all. Isaac Hayes set the template for the countless funk soundtracks to follow throughout the seventies. The film's theme won an Oscar for Best Original Song, making Hayes the first African-American to win an Oscar outside the acting categories.

La Horse (1970)

Some of the seventies' funkiest soundtracks came from unlikely sources like Serge Gainsbourg's crazy psychedelic score for this French crime flick. 

Magnum Force (1973)

I was torn between this and 'Dirty Harry' but I think this one is more dancefloor friendly. Argentine composer Lalo Schifrin was responsible for countless great scores in the sixties and seventies. He's still working today but sadly he's slumming it, providing scores for low-budget horror films.

Disco Godfather (1979)

All the scores of Rudy Ray Moore's films are essentials but this is the cream of the crop. "Put your weight on it!!!"

The Candy Tangerine Man (1975)

Possibly the craziest of all blaxploitation flicks and one of the grooviest soundtracks, courtesy of Smoke. Pimptastic!

Superfly (1972)

After Isaac Hayes success with 'Shaft', every respected soulster was getting in on the act of composing blaxploitation scores. There are few better than Mayfield's.

Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

More European psychedelia, courtesy of Jess Franco's lesbian vampire epic. Who thought a harp could sound so funky? 

Being There (1979)

You wouldn't expect to find a funky gem on a Hal Ashby soundtrack but the inclusion of Brazilian composer Eumir Deodato's Jazz-Fusion reworking of Richard Strauss' 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' makes this a must have.
Coffy (1973)

Vibesman Roy Ayers delivered this fantastic score for the Pam Grier revenge flick. If you can't dance to this you're probably dead.

The Secret Life of Plants (1979)

A documentary about plants has a Stevie Wonder soundtrack? Yep, and it's a gem, full of the sort of psychedelic disco that Afro-Cosmic DJs in Italy were so fond of.

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