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Ten Of The Best - 1966

The ten best movies of 1966

10. Spinout

Elvis as a race car driver who, naturally, gets all the chicks. 

9. The Brides of Fu Manchu
The second of Christopher Lee's Fu Manchu flicks sees him kidnapping the daughters of scientists in a bid to force them to construct a death ray (what else?) Who knew scientists had such hot daughters?

8. One Of Our Spies Is Missing
"The Man From UNCLE" was such a hit in Europe that feature length episodes were released theatrically on this side of the Atlantic. Here the boys come up against the fashion industry who are experimenting on cats to reverse the aging process.

7. One Spy Too Many
In this installment they face off against Rip Torn, an evil genius bent on breaking each of the ten commandments.

6. Blow Up
Antonioni's thriller is the ultimate document of sixties swinging London. Went on to influence Argento's "Deep Red" and De Palma's "Blowout".

5. Mister Buddwing
Jim Garner wakes up in Central Park with no idea who he is. One of the first of many great existential American movies to appear over the following decade.

4. Seconds
The cure for a mid-life crisis? Pay a company to fake your death and surgically alter you to look like Rock Hudson. A leather jacket would have been a lot less hassle.

3. Harper
The movie that transformed Paul Newman from pretty boy to serious actor. Followed by "The Drowning Pool" in '75.

2. El Dorado
Many say Howard Hawks was being lazy when he practically remade "Rio Bravo" as his penultimate movie. I say two more hours of "Rio Bravo" is just fine by me.

1. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The story of three men destined to come together. I'm talking of course about Leone, Morricone and Eastwood.

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