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1975 - The Year I Made Contact

The year I was born, 1975, was arguably the greatest year in cinema history, fitting then I turned out to be so obsessed with the medium. Here are my ten favorite movies from that great year.

10. Love and Death
My favorite of Woody Allen's "early funny ones", a hilarious tribute to Bob Hope. Forget "Monty Python & The Holy Grail", this is the historical comedy of 1975.

9. Deep Red
The best of Dario Argento's "early thriller ones". The ultimate entry in the hit or miss Giallo genre and arguably the greatest homage to Hitchcock ever filmed.

8. Death Race 2000
There are few films as deliriously fun as Paul Bartel's sci-fi road movie. Full of the sort of jaw dropping set-pieces you only see in seventies exploitation flicks.

7. Dog Day Afternoon
Possibly the most restrained performance Pacino has ever given, and arguably the best. Captures the madness of a hot summer's day perfectly.

6. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
It didn't deserve it's Best Picture Oscar but Milos Forman's film is a classic nonetheless. Nicholson has never been better.

5. Race With The Devil
One of the great forgotten horror movies of a decade packed with them. It's "Easy Rider" meets "The Wicker Man" and is every bit as good as that suggests. 

4. Rafferty & The Gold-Dust Twins
Speaking of forgotten road movies, there are few better than this tale of a disillusioned army vet, Alan Arkin, happily taken hostage by Sally Kellerman and McKenzie Phillips. It's a crime that director Dick Richard's film has never been released on DVD.

3. Barry Lyndon
My country, Ireland, has never looked as stunning on film as in Kubrick's masterpiece. There aren't many films easier on the eye than this.

2. Nashville
There are only two other years in which this wouldn't take the top spot such is the epicness of Robert Altman's greatest film. Three hours of absolute brilliance, the zenith of Altman's overlapping dialogue and multiple story strand style. Also my favorite movie soundtrack ever.

1. Jaws
Wow. A perfect film in every way imaginable. My second favorite movie of all time. What a way for Spielberg to announce his arrival. If you're the only person on the planet who hasn't seen this you know what to do tonight.

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