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Dear Hollywood, Ireland Is Not a Theme Park

Wild Mountain Thyme
The Wild Mountain Thyme trailer shows that Hollywood is happy to persist with Irish stereotypes.

SNOWPIERCER and the Best Class-Conscious Dystopian Sci-FI Cinema

With Snowpiercer finally available on UK disc, we're looking at some of the best examples of dystopian sci-fi.

When Animals Attack: PRIMAL and the Best ‘Man vs Beast’ Movies

primal movie
With Nicolas Cage set to battle a shipload of angry animals in Primal, we look at some of the best man (and woman) vs nature movies.

NIGHT HUNTER & Multiple Personality Murderers In Film

night hunter
Ahead of the UK release of Night Hunter, we look at some other thrillers featuring multiple personalities.

Wild Wild West: THE KID & The Best Of Real-Life Gunslingers On Screen

the kid movie
Ahead of the release of The Kid, a look at some of the most memorable cinematic portrayals of real-life gunslingers.

SLIDING DOORS & The Best London Love Stories From The Nineties & Noughties

sliding doors
As Sliding Doors celebrates its 21st anniversary with a new collector's edition release, we look back at the London set romantic dramas of the turn of the century.