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New Release Review [Shudder] - THE SEED

the seed review
Three young women encounter an alien while on a getaway in the Mojave desert.

Review by Eric Hillis

Directed by: Sam Walker

Starring: Charlotte Edge, Lucy Martin, Sophie Vavasseur

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1980s low budget sci-fi comedies were filled with bikini babes bouncing around while battling invading aliens and the like. Writer/director Sam Walker's The Seed is so indebted to such movies that you could easily imagine its central trio being played by Kelli Maroney, Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens had it been made a few decades past.

the seed review

The set-up is straight from a video store lower shelf circa 1987, but with some modern social media satire thrown in for good measure. Instagram models Deidre (Lucy Martin) and Heather (Sophie Vavasseur) head out to the latter's family holiday villa in the Mojave desert to livestream an upcoming meteor shower and take some pics of themselves sporting bikinis to boost their online profiles. Reluctantly tagging along is their friend Charlotte (Chelsea Edge). Unlike the others, Charlotte has no social media accounts and still reads books – she might as well sport a t-shirt that reads "I'm the Final Girl!"

The meteor shower brings a surprise in the form of a cute but stinky alien that lands in their swimming pool. Well, it's cute at first, but it appears to possess a telepathic ability to seduce Earth women. Pretty soon Deidre and Heather are under its spell while Charlotte tries to figure out how to get out of this scenario.

the seed review

Walker plants a potentially fruitful narrative seed in his film's opening act. The three actresses – two Brits (Martin, Edge), one Irish (Vavasseur) – certainly had me fooled into believing that they were authentic Californian Valley girls, and they share a fun chemistry. Martin is particularly watchable, relishing her role as the "mean girl" of the bunch. There's some witty repartee between the three, with some laughs generated by Deidre's narcissistic world view and elevated sense of self.

But that seed ultimately never sprouts much for us to feed on. The film appears to run out of ideas as to how to utilise its limited location (Malta standing in for the Mojave desert), and it takes too long for the horror element to finally kick in. When it does, it never quite gels with the comedic tone the film has established, lurching into a straight piece of sci-fi horror in the final act.

the seed review

As a calling card for its leading ladies, The Seed certainly gives Martin, Edge and Vavasseur plenty of opportunity to display their comedic chops, but once the laughs run out the movie becomes as dry as the desert where its action plays out.

The Seed
 is on Shudder from March 10th.

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