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Paul Schrader Curates MUBI This August

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Read Schrader's thoughts on the five films he has hand-picked from MUBI's vaults.

With legendary writer/director Paul Schrader's latest (and perhaps even greatest) film, First Reformed, hitting UK/ROI cinemas on July 13th, the filmmaker has been invited to curate film streaming service MUBI during August, selecting five of his favourite films to screen over the month.

“I have chosen these films as to me they represent a cross-section of cinema history. They did not directly influence my work, but at the same time they all have – as I believe you are a collection of all the movies you like,” said Schrader.

Paul discusses his choices in detail below:

I Am Cuba
i am cuba
This is absolute film history. The madness of these Russian filmmakers – they had a totally free hand, and they created these extravagant shots, they were seduced by this culture to such a degree that it was never released back home. The film has three or four set pieces which every director knows.

The first time I saw I Am Cuba I was in shock, because it had been a lost film, one of these films you only hear about. And so often when you finally see a lost film, it doesn’t live up to your expectations. You rarely get to see a lost film and as such, it’s greater than you thought it would be. This film was everything I heard about and more.

Showing on MUBI from August 3rd.

My Man Godfrey
my man godfrey
This is a fantastic screwball comedy, with Carole Lombard at her best. She died young, so you don’t get a lot of chances to see her, and this film – it’s just delightful. These screwball comedies existed only for a short time, and people have been trying to recreate them ever since.

Showing on MUBI from August 12th.

I chose this film for one reason: John Alton, an absolutely legendary cinematographer. He is a grand master of light and shadow, and film noir – there are many things you could say about this movie, but it’s just a marvel to watch.

Showing on MUBI from August 19th.

Listen to Britain
listen to britain
Humphrey Jennings brought something very new to documentaries with this film, and he did this film at a low point for Britain - yet it is absolutely full of originality and full of humanity.

Showing on MUBI from August 22nd.

8 ½
8 ½
This is a completely singular film where a great filmmaker finds his magic spot in this dreamworld. Guido, the director in the movie – he finds a way to push his film in a direction where film hasn’t gone before. And it’s just so exciting to be there and watch where the lightning strikes.

Showing on MUBI from August 26th.