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New Release Review - MY PURE LAND

my pure land movie review
Two teenage sisters defend their land from the men attempting to steal it.

New Release Review - INSYRIATED

insyriated review
The remaining residents of a Damascus apartment block wait for a chance to escape as war rages in the streets outside.

New Release Review - MIMOSAS

mimosas film review
A pair of rogues are hired to escort a dying Sheikh across the Moroccan Atlas.

First Look Review - 120 BEATS PER MINUTE

120 BEATS PER MINUTE film review
Chronicle of the lives of a group of young Parisian activists at the height of the AIDS era.

First Look Review - PLANETARIUM

planetarium movie review
A movie producer hires a pair of psychic sisters in an attempt to record a ghost on film.

New Release Review - LA SOLEDAD

la soledad movie review
The struggles of a Caracas family to negotiate Venezuala's economic reality.

11 Minute Video Analyses Bergman's 'Faith' Trilogy

bergman winter light
A new video delves into Ingmar Bergman's trio of 1960s movies concerning faith.

Korean Political Drama A TAXI DRIVER To Screen In UK In August: Watch The Trailer

a taxi driver
The London Korean Film Festival 2017 presents the European premiere of Hang Joon's political drama.

New Release Review - LAND OF MINE

land of mine review
Following their surrender, a group of young Nazi soldiers is forced to clear landmines from a Danish beach.

First Look Review - THE CONFESSIONS

the confessions review
During a G8 meeting, the director of the IMF is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Blu-Ray Review - BOCCACCIO '70 (1962)

boccaccio '70 review
Anthology from four acclaimed Italian filmmakers.

New Release Review - SCRIBE

scribe movie review
Struggling to find work, an ex-alcoholic finds himself in the employ of a sinister and dangerous group.


The Bird with the Crystal Plumage review
Having witnessed an attempted murder, a writer attempts to discover the would-be killer's identity.
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