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New to Shudder - BREEDER

breeder review
A woman is held captive in a secret facility harvesting infants for an anti-aging serum.

New to Shudder - TAG

tag review
A schoolgirl finds herself trapped in an increasingly deranged loop of violence.

New to Shudder - VFW

vfw review
A group of Vietnam veterans defend their watering hole from a horde of drugged up thugs.

New to Shudder - GWEN

gwen review
In 19th century Wales, a young girl struggles to keep her home together in the face of an unseen threat.


await further instructions review
A family's Christmas is disturbed when a mysterious force quarantines them inside their home, delivering instructions through their TV set.

New to Shudder - COHERENCE

coherence review
The passing of a comet has strange consequences for the guests of a dinner party.

New to Shudder - THE NIGHT

the night review
An Iranian couple is terrorised by supernatural forces in a desolate Los Angeles hotel.

New to Shudder - LEVEL 16

level 16 review
Pupils begin to suspect sinister goings on at their subterranean boarding school.