Re-Release Review - DER MUDE TOD (1921)

der mude tod film review
A woman makes a pact with Death in an attempt to be reunited with her late lover.

Blu-Ray Review - THE ENTITY (1982)

the entity blu-ray review
A woman endures a series of sexual assaults carried out by an unseen presence.

Blu-Ray Review - THE PROUD VALLEY (1940)

the proud valley blu-ray review
An American drifter finds himself in a small Welsh community threatened by the closure of the local mine.

Blu-Ray Review - TWO RODE TOGETHER (1961)

A corrupt Marshall teams up with a cavalry officer to retrieve children abducted by the Comanche.

Blu-Ray Review - GHOSTS OF MARS (2001)

On the red planet, a group of cops and crims come under siege at a remote outpost.

Blu-Ray Review - VAMPIRES (1998)

Vampire slayers attempt to retrieve a relic that will allow vampires to walk in sunlight.
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