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Interview - OPUS ZERO Director Daniel Graham

opus zero willem dafoe daniel graham
Filmmaker Daniel Graham discusses working with Willem Dafoe on his feature debut.

Interview - AVENGEMENT Stars Scott Adkins & Thomas Turgoose, & Writer Stu Small

scott adkins thomas turgoose interview
We chat with actors Scott Adkins and Thomas Turgoose, and writer Stu Small about their new action film Avengement.

Interview - Designated Survivor & Crown And Anchor Star Matt Wells

crown and anchor
Actor Matt Wells, best known for his work on the small screen in Designated Survivor and Beauty and the Beast, talks about his compelling new crime thriller Crown and Anchor- releasing in July.

Interview - THE BASTARDS' FIG TREE Director Ana Murugarren

ana murugarren
We spoke to Spanish filmmaker Ana Murugarren about what’s been billed as the next Pan’s Labyrinth.

Interview - THE POSSESSION DIARIES Star Katherine Munroe

the possession diaries
Like a contemporary Regan, actress Katherine Munroe finds herself possessed (!) in the new Uncork’d release, The Possession Diaries, out this June.

Interview - FOUND FOOTAGE 3D & BUNKHEADS Star Chris O'Brien

chris o'brien bunkheads
Actor Chris O'Brien on his roles in Amazon series Bunkheads and horror movie Found Footage 3D.

Interview - CSI & BLOOD BOUND Star Gerald McCullouch

Gerald McCullouch
Actor Gerald McCullouch chats about his TV career and his new horror movie.

Interview - SUPERGIRL & TERROR TALES Star Chris Showerman

chris showerman interview
We spoke with actor Chris Showerman about his work on TV's Supergirl, his new horror anthology Terror Tales and more.

Interview - 1985 Director Yen Tan

1985 cory michael smith jamie chung
We chatted with director Yen Tan about his acclaimed 1980s set drama.

Interview - PRODIGY Director Nathan Leon

prodigy film
Nathan Leon, writer/director of Prodigy, explains how his love of M. Night Shyamalan movies and Oregon was infused to create a truly unique sci-fi drama.