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Interview - FOUND FOOTAGE 3D & BUNKHEADS Star Chris O'Brien

chris o'brien bunkheads
Actor Chris O'Brien on his roles in Amazon series Bunkheads and horror movie Found Footage 3D.

Interview - CSI & BLOOD BOUND Star Gerald McCullouch

Gerald McCullouch
Actor Gerald McCullouch chats about his TV career and his new horror movie.

Interview - SUPERGIRL & TERROR TALES Star Chris Showerman

chris showerman interview
We spoke with actor Chris Showerman about his work on TV's Supergirl, his new horror anthology Terror Tales and more.

Interview - 1985 Director Yen Tan

1985 cory michael smith jamie chung
We chatted with director Yen Tan about his acclaimed 1980s set drama.

Interview - PRODIGY Director Nathan Leon

prodigy film
Nathan Leon, writer/director of Prodigy, explains how his love of M. Night Shyamalan movies and Oregon was infused to create a truly unique sci-fi drama.

Interview - Rambo Creator David Morrell

david morrell sylvester stallone
With the Rambo collection arriving on 4K Ultra HD, blu-ray and digital, we spoke to the man who created the iconic character.

Interview - STRANGEWAYS HERE WE COME Actor/Producer Stephen Lord

We chatted to actor Stephen Lord, who stars in and coproduces new comedy Strangeways Here We Come.

Interview - STRANGE NATURE Director Jim Ojala

STRANGE NATURE Director Jim Ojala
Renowned for his work in make-up and special effects, Jim Ojala applies those skills to his feature-directorial debut Strange Nature – which sees a town take on mutant frogs!

Interview - IT LIVES INSIDE Filmmakers Jeff Hall & Sean Bingham

Ahead of the DVD release next week, the creators of the new horror-thriller It Lives Inside fill us in on their beginnings digging up dinosaur fossils, juggling full-time jobs while making movies and how they financed their latest project.

Interview - INHUMANITY Director Joe McReynolds

INHUMANITY Director Joe McReynolds
Joe McReynolds, writer/director of the new grindhouse throwback Inhumanity, waxes on the ups and downs of indie filmmaking.

Interview - DEAD LOVE Star Nicole Olson

DEAD LOVE Star Nicole Olson
Dead Love star Nicole Olson fills us in on her beginnings, playing a heartbroken romantic and using social media to grow brand presence.

Interview - SHOW YOURSELF Director Billy Ray Brewton

show yourself movie
Brewton chats about his acclaimed new horror movie.