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Interview - SHOW YOURSELF Director Billy Ray Brewton

show yourself movie
Brewton chats about his acclaimed new horror movie.

Interview - FACE OF EVIL Director Vito Dinatolo

Vito Dinatolo
Six years after he first started work on it, filmmaker Vito Dinatolo unleashes his terrific zombie horror movie Face of Evil upon the world.

Interview - 3: AN EYE FOR AN EYE Director Lou Simon

lou simon
The benefits of making a movie independently are plenteous, says 3: An Eye for an Eye writer/director/producer Lou Simon.

Interview - DARKNESS REIGNS Director Andrew P. Jones

Darkness Reigns, now on VOD from Wild Eye Releasing, pits the cast and crew of a movie against an evil spirit that haunts their location. We speak to helmer Andrew P.Jones about the unique meta mix of mayhem!

Paul Schrader Curates MUBI This August

paul schrader blue collar
Read Schrader's thoughts on the five films he has hand-picked from MUBI's vaults.

Mike's Strange Cinema Cavalcade - 10/31, Plus Zane Hershberger Interview

10/31 movie
In his first regular column, Strange Cinema author Mike Vaughn reviews Halloween themed anthology 10/31 and chats with its director.

Interview - THE EXECUTIONERS Star Natalie Burn

the executioners
Actress Natalie Burn discusses her latest film, home invasion thriller The Executioners.

Interview - THE BASEMENT Producer Mark Heidelberger

mark heidelberger
Producer Heidelberger discusses his experience in the industry and his upcoming projects.
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