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First Look Review - CRY FOR THE BAD MAN

cry for the bad man review
A woman stands up to the bullying family attempting to force her out of her home.

First Look Review - WIDOW OF SILENCE

widow of silence review
In Kashmir, a Muslim widow gets involved in a conflict when she tries to get her husband's death certificate.

First Look Review - RELIC

relic review
An elderly woman begins to behave in a way that suggests something more than the onset of senility.

First Look Review - DISCLOSURE

disclosure 2020 review
Two suburban couples meet to discuss an allegation of abuse involving their children.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - LITTLE JOE

little joe review
Scientists develop a plant whose scent becomes addictive for those exposed to it.

First Look Review - THE WHISPERING MAN

the whispering man review
A vlogger inherits a mysterious painting from his late grandmother.

First Look Review - THIS TEACHER

this teacher review
An Arabic-French woman's attempt to seek solace in remote upstate New York turns sour.

First Look Review - WASTELANDS

wastelands film review
A lonely woman battles personal demons while struggling to take care of her deteriorating father.

First Look Review - HUMAN ZOO

human zoo review
Contestants on a twisted reality show compete to see who can stay in solitary confinement the longest.

First Look Review - FAIRYTALE

fairytale italian movie review
A 1950s suburban American housewife, played by a gay Italian man, has an existential crisis.

First Look Review - 15 YEARS

15 years review
The news of a friend's pregnancy leads a fortysomething man into a mid-life crisis.

First Look Review - ROOTWOOD

rootwood review
The hosts of an occult radio show head into the woods in search of a local legend.

First Look Review - THE SHARKS

the sharks review
A teenage girl's awkward sexual awakening occurs just as a shark descends on her sleepy coastal village.

First Look Review - OUR MOTHERS

our mothers review
A young man searches for his father, who went missing during Guatemala's civil war.