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madeline's madeline review
The director of an improv theatre group co-opts the experiences of a troubled student into her latest production.

IFI French Film Festival 2018 Review - I FEEL GOOD

i feel good movie review
A wannabe entrepeneur attempts to sell cheap plastic surgery to the staff of his sister's non-profit initiative.

IFI French Film Festival 2018 Review - THE TROUBLE WITH YOU

the trouble with you review
A widow learns her late husband was a crooked cop and attempts to make amends with the young man whose life he ruined.

IFI Horrorthon 2018 Review - ST. AGATHA

st. agatha film review
A pregnant young woman attempts to flee the sinister convent she checked herself into.

IFI Horrorthon 2018 Review - VIDEOMAN

videoman review
A VHS collector bonds with an '80s obsessed alcoholic while searching for a missing tape.

First Look Review - THE GOD INSIDE MY EAR

the god inside my ear review
After breaking up with her boyfriend, a young woman experiences a series of strange visions and voices.

First Look Review - 1985

1985 movie review yen tan
A young man returns home for Christmas but struggles to break some bad news to his family.
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