The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Sue Finn


New to Netflix - OCEAN’S 8

ocean's 8 review
Danny Ocean's sister assembles a team of expert criminals to pull of a heist at the Met Gala.

New to Amazon Prime Video - DOLLS

dolls review
An alcoholic children's author moves into his late mother's home, where he finds three creepy dolls.

First Look Review - IT’S JUST A GAME

it's just a game review
A teenage girl is kidnapped by a cult intent on summoning an ancient witch.

First Look Review - THE DEVIL TO PAY

the devil to pay review
When her husband disappears, an Appalachian farmer is forced to repay his debt to a local criminal family.

First Look Review - RANGE RUNNERS

range runners review
When a runner's belongings are stolen by two men in the woods, she sets out to take back what's hers.

First Look Review - PARTS UNKNOWN

A family of violent wrestlers make a deal with an inter-dimensional demon.

First Look Review - THE TENT

the tent review
Hiding in the woods from unseen monsters, an elderly man is discovered by a young woman.

First Look Review - CRY FOR THE BAD MAN

cry for the bad man review
A woman stands up to the bullying family attempting to force her out of her home.

First Look Review - HUMAN ZOO

human zoo review
Contestants on a twisted reality show compete to see who can stay in solitary confinement the longest.

First Look Review - ROOTWOOD

rootwood review
The hosts of an occult radio show head into the woods in search of a local legend.