The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Sue Finn

First Look Review - SQUEAL

squeal review
A man finds himself trapped on a farm where only a seemingly magical piglet can save him.

First Look Review - NIGHT DRIVE

night drive review
A rideshare driver is swept up in a night of adventure by his passenger.

New Release Review [VOD] - FINDING OPHELIA

finding ophelia review
Fantasy and reality blur when an ad exec becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman.

New Release Review [VOD] - VOICES

voices review
A woman tries to solve the mystery of the voices of lost souls that have been speaking to her since childhood.

First Look Review - DEMENTER

dementer review
A care centre worker fears a patient is being targeted by the cult she fled.

First Look Review - PARADISE COVE

paradise cove review
A couple's new home comes with a catch - the homeless woman living beneath it!