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New Release Review - THE EMPIRE OF CORPSES

John Watson embarks on a mission to recover the notes of Victor Frankenstein.

New Release Review (VOD) - NOLA AND THE CLONES

A young woman resorts to prostitution to finance her hand-to-mouth existence.

New Release Review - THE DANISH GIRL

Loose biopic of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe.

First Look Review - Marvel's JESSICA JONES

We got an early look at the first seven episodes of Netflix's upcoming original series.

New Release Review - THE REUNION

Not receiving an invite to her school reunion, artist Anna Odell fictionalises the event.

New Release Review - INSIDE OUT

A journey inside the mind of a young girl, and the five emotions who control her.

DVD Review - What We Do in the Shadows

Mockumentary on the lives of a group of male vampires in contemporary New Zealand.

Documentary Review - Dancing in Jaffa

A former world champion ballroom dancer attempts to unite Israeli and Palestinian children through dance.

Documentary Review - School of Babel

A year long look at a class of non French speaking immigrants in a special Parisian school.
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