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Blu-Ray Review - THE LEGACY (1978)

the legacy 1978 review
An American couple are invited to a sinister British estate.

Blu-Ray Review - CANNIBAL TERROR (1980)

cannibal terror review
Kidnappers find themselves on the menu when they hide out in a South American jungle.

Blu-Ray Review - TAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU (1970)

take a girl like you review
Having moved to lodgings outside London, a young woman finds herself the object of the lustful attentions of several men.

Blu-Ray Review - MISSING (1982)

missing 1982 review
A father questions his political beliefs while searching for his missing son.

Blu-Ray Review - EXISTENZ (1999)

existenz review
Following an assassination attempt, the developer of a virtual reality game goes on the run with a security guard.

Blu-Ray Review - CHARLEY VARRICK (1973)

charley varrick review
A bank robber unwittingly steals a large sum from an organised crime gang.

Blu-Ray Review - THE FORTUNE (1975)

the fortune 1975 review
A pair of con artists attempt to swindle an heiress out of her family fortune.

Blu-Ray Review - MICKEY ONE (1965)

mickey one review
A stand-up comic attempts to reignite his career while evading the mobsters who want his head.


The Bird with the Crystal Plumage review
Having witnessed an attempted murder, a writer attempts to discover the would-be killer's identity.
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